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Not into Kpop -stamp- by Caramel-soda Not into Kpop -stamp- by Caramel-soda
EDIT: Okay, I've become a convert. I've turned into a fan of Kpop (not a hardcore one, mind you, and no, it's not just because of Gangnam Style) but I'm still leaving this up for people to add to their favourites, because, well, it's gotten so much love and I don't want to upset the haters.

Oh boy, am I going to get a lot of flames for this.

Before the accusations of "You've never even HEARD any Kpop!", I have. Kpop grabbed my interest a while ago because of its popularity, and at first I didn't mind it because it was something different, and I'm interested in things in foreign languages and trying to decipher them. But as I discovered more artists, it became the same old boring repetitive crap, with everybody copying each other. Before Kpop came along, if you liked any foreign-language music you were automatically branded as weird. But now it seems to be the next big thing, thanks to this trend :/

Reasons why I don't like Kpop:

1. The hardcore fans. I'm not saying ALL Kpop fans are annoying, it's just the hardcore ones who will listen to NOTHING else, worship their idols on an unhealthy level, type in broken English to appear more Korean and stereotype all people who don't like Kpop as racist. It's all the same old crap on various websites: "oh u hate kpop ur just some bitch who listens to britney cuz ur a bimbo who cant think 4 herself! kekekekeke! fighting~!" I don't dislike the COUNTRY, I just dislike its MUSIC.

2. The music. I don't see how it's any different to Ke$ha and Justin Timberlake, except for the fact it's in another language. Sure, the genre has some variety (you've got your regular pop, your hip-hop, and your slow love songs) but hardly any artists seem to write their own songs. There may be a few Korean artists out there who write their own songs, but the ones everyone seems to worship are just as fake as their American equivalents. Even people whose tastes are usually more on the rock/metal side are praising this genre for some reason.

Fans say they turned to Kpop because "American music only talks about sex, drugs, money and alcohol" First of all, not all of that is American (British, Australian and Canadian singers are just as bad when it comes to shallow lyrics) and second of all, that's only the majority of the pop genre. Most of the current Disney stars are pretty clean, as well as some older pop (from before the "sex sells" craze kicked in), and then there are plenty of other genres out there with non-sexual lyrics. Most country music is fairly innocent as well, and there are many electronic genres that lack any lyrics at all... so why Kpop, out of all things? Not saying you can't LIKE Kpop, it's just those fans who will erase their entire iTunes library from before their Kpop phase.

Fans: ask yourself this. Will you still like Kpop when you're married with kids, and will you put on a Kpop CD and tell your kids "This is what I liked in my youth, and I still love it"?

3. The idols themselves. From my understanding, they're mostly chosen based on looks/dancing skills, with little to no regard for vocal talent. The fangirls mostly like the male idols for their looks. I have no problem with girls liking men of other races (in fact, I encourage it completely! The world needs more open-minded people), but they wouldn't care if their idols were super jerks in real life. They may come across as nice in interviews, but believe me, that's only what the publicity agents want people to think. It's exactly the same as mainstream American celebrities: their public lives are controlled by their agencies.

If you like Kpop and aren't like the annoying hardcore fans I mentioned above, then I have absolutely no problem with that. I enjoy music in foreign languages myself, such as a Finnish all-girl rock band called Indica, and t.A.T.u's songs in Russian, and even a bit of Japanese music (mainly more obscure artists like Ai Takaoka who write their own music). But if you're one of those hardcore fans, PLEASE tone it down. I know many others on the internet who are getting sick of all these fans, and the unnecessary trouble they cause on blogs (such as making an uproar when an attractive male idol gets into a relationship with a girl, or getting unnecessarily furious when a Western singer records an English cover of a Korean pop song).

I will admit I do like a couple of Kpop songs on their own, but the genre as a whole is nothing special, and I don't get why people practically eat, sleep and breathe a musical genre (if it could be called that, because when it comes down to it, Kpop is really only pop music in a different language) that is mediocre at best, with only a few real gems (mostly solo artists who don't need a record company to boss them around, such as Younha. Not sure if she writes her own songs or not, but she seems much less manufactured than artists in the same vein as 2NE1, Big Bang, SNSD etc.)

Comments not allowed, because I don't want to start a flame war.

P.S. If my friend who likes Kpop is reading this, don't get me wrong! I still love you :hug: You're nothing like those fans I described, because you're cool and open-minded and don't care what others say. Sorry if this offended you.
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October 5, 2011
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